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Kick it up a notch with Saucier XO Sauce

Our take on the traditional XO sauce. 100% made and processed in Melbourne!

Enjoy it as a condiment on pretty much anything! Or as an ingredient in your favourite dishes to add an umami and seafoody kick

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The most versatile sauce you’ll have tasted. 100% made and processed in Melbourne!

Enjoy it on all your dishes and meals to add amazing depth and complexity of flavour to your dishes

"Most flavourful Chilli Crisps that I've ever eaten!"
My Mom
Claims I'm the most
handsome boy too
"Finished a big bottle in 2 weeks easy, just topped it on everything I was eating! Probably the only actually spicy Chilli Crisps"
My downstairs neighbour
Has noisy dogs
"Could eat the XO Sauce on anything, even putting on plain white rice makes it a meal"
My Girlfriend
Non-biased participant