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Saucier Foods Pty Ltd

Chilli Crisps - Original

Chilli Crisps - Original

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Say hello to the OG Chilli Crisps. This is our go-to chilli oil to add some fire and texture to pretty much anything and everything we can douse it on.

100% made and processed in Melbourne so you know you’re getting fresh!

With tonnes of chilli, crispy garlic, crispy shallots and our own blend of spices infused into this, we’ve developed a rich flavour to match with your favourite foods.

Don’t know what to try this on? We usually love this on eggs, rice, pasta, pizza, burgers, tacos, and pretty much anything you’d want to spice up and add a beautiful tasty kick to. When in doubt, just try it! It’s part of the fun.

This product is Vegan Friendly.

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Vegetable Oil, Chilli (25%), Garlic, Shallots, Sugar, Mushrooms, Mushroom Extract, Modified Corn Starch, Sodium Benzoate, Glucose Syrup, Soy Sauce (water, soybeans, wheat), Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Herbs, Spices

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Based on 11 reviews
Emily Scott
Without a doubt the best chilli oil I’ve ever had… and I’ve tried them all.

I am an odd human who will put some variety of chilli on all food groups. When I say I have tried everything on the market, I mean it. I have even made my own chilli oil because others wouldn’t cut it. Sauciers chilli oil, both the OG and the spicy, are without a doubt the most delicious! We will consume a jar within 2 days.


I seriously dream about this stuff. The BEST chilli oil I’ve ever had.

Perfect addition to eggs!!

Super happy with purchase, this oil will elevate many dishes and I will be buying again :)

Ben Fisher

Chilli Crisps - Original

Saucier Chilli Chrisps

I'm a big lover of spice, but it's hard to find a combination that brings great flavor with texture. Sauciers original chilli chrisps is the one. Get on it!

  • Chilli

  • Mushrooms

  • Shallots

  • Garlic

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