Story Time

Hi from Daniel and Leonard! We'd like to welcome you to Saucier Foods. We hope you enjoy your taste and food journey with us. Like all sauciers, we hope that we can help enhance that journey for you as life's a journey, so let's take it one bite at a time. 

Here are Saucier, we believe in enhancing the natural flavours and maximizing the taste profile of food. Our products are the result of countless experiments in the kitchen and many many failures along the way. These tests (unfortunately not Heston Blumenthal level scientific experiments)  have resulted in something that we're proud of and want to share with the world!

It all started from a BBQ that we hosted together after one of the countless lockdowns that Melbourne experienced (yay for being number 1 on that count...). We wanted a celebration with our friends and family and what better way than to do it with a feast! We spend the better part of a day prepping and cooking all the food. Apart from having great fun coming up with different ideas and recipes, we got great feedback on the sauces in particular, and thus Saucier was born. 

Both of us are foodies aspiring to do something with what we're passionate about (food). We've called Melbourne home for more than a decade now and wanted to create something that represented our experiences in all the different food cultures we’ve been blessed with. We love food and both work in the finance industry, so food has become a creative outlet for us. We also love snowboarding, and Saucier has kept us warm on many a cold airbnb night!